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DELHI DARBAR is a Stunning, Innovative, Casually up-scale Multinational Chain of Hotels & Restaurants that have been serving the Global Community for 15 years in CIS Countries, Central Asia, China, Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent. We're perfect for business meetings, gatherings, romantic dinners, or casual meals. Your comfort and satisfaction are our aspiration. We do DELHI DARBAR’s  Premier Catering. For more detail on our history read DELHI DARBAR’S story.

DELHI DARBAR is a stunning example of quality and success at every turn. Ideal for any variety of business or social occasions, and fundraisers, DELHI DARBAR can host anything, including bridal showers, bachelor/kitty parties, rehearsal dinners, holiday gatherings and corporate business events. DELHI DARBAR is the perfect place for you and your company to tantalize clients over a succulent Indo-Fusion Bite in a relaxed, yet sophisticated setting.

Your event can be customized to your exacting needs. Depending on the location, DELHI DARBAR can provide an exclusive setting to accommodate groups in a variety of sizes, and can also be set up for formal or informal presentations. From a private boardroom setting to large private dining rooms, the DELHI DARBAR can provide you with an intimate dining experience you won`t soon forget.

DELHI DARBAR has the flexibility to help you with any event you have in mind. We can provide the facilities for groups from 20 - 300 and cater for any group outside the restaurant.  We've been serving special events needs for over 15 years and have gained the experience to make your event not just success but memorable.

Having a birthday? Come celebrate at DELHI DARBAR. We serve your meal on a red celebration plate and give you a free dessert. For anniversaries you get two free desserts. If you call ahead, we'll have a white tablecloth on your table and a congratulations card.

You may have your florist deliver flowers for your table. Please let us know you're coming.

Need help planning your event? Take a look at some of the information we have provided for the following events:

  • Bachelor Parties.
  • Bachelorette Parties.
  • Cocktail Parties.
  • Birthday / Kitty Parties.
  • Success / Celebration Parties.
  • Anniversary Parties.
  • Retirement/ Farewell Parties.
  • Pre/Post Wedding Parties.
  • Corporate Business Parties.
  • Diplomatic Meetings.
  • Receptions/ Conferences.
  • Any Occasion to Wine & Dine.

Thinking of having some guests over for dinner or hosting a party? Let us do the work for you!

In addition to providing best quality and healthy food at DELHI DARBAR Restaurants, we can cater to any location of your choosing. Our catering menus provide a wide array of choices whether you are having an intimate dinner for family or an awards banquet for 700. If you have something in mind that cannot be found on any of the menus, let us know and we can work up a specialized menu for your event.

Pictures are available for viewing in our Photo & Food Galleries.


We can modify our style of service to suit your needs:

  • Plated Served Meal
  • Buffet
  • Hors d'oeuvres
  • On Rotation
  • Salutation
  • English Service
  • French Service
  • American Service
  • Russian Service
  • Sit Down Service
  • Grill Room/Live Service
  • Cafeteria Service
  • Counter Service
  • Silver Service
  • Guerdons Service

NOTE: For detailed update of SERVICES please check with types of services.  


  • We can provide anything from tea and coffee to a fully stocked bar depending on your needs and budget.  


  • Delivery – Charges vary from Country to Country.
  • Delivery and Setup - Charges vary from Country to Country.
  • Delivery and Pickup - Charges vary from Country to Country.
  • Catered Event - Our waiters are trained to handle all aspects of catering, setup, teardown, cleanup, bartending and total customer and guest service. Our hourly rate begins from the time the waiters arrive at the restaurant to pick up party orders to the estimated time of unloading at the restaurant.


We can provide china, glassware, silverware and linens for your event. For  price-list please contact Your nearest branch of DELHI DARBAR. We can get specialty linen upon request.

Dr. Das Suman Kumar
(President & CEO)
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- Global Roaming: +91 9899992477


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