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Waking up with a Headache in the morning is the worst but common feeling in the Corporate World of Today. Only the Wearer knows where the Shoe Pinches. Headache, another Lifestyle Born Disease, for many of today’s Managers is a stark reality- when it strikes everything comes to a Halt. You cannot put your mind into anything until you are relieved from it. Also you have no idea when, where or why it strikes. You can be at friend’s party, in middle of an important meeting, tending to your child, or at the end of a stressful day. Worse, unlike migraine it is not a documented disease. People do not go to doctor for treatment of a headache, even if it causes them as much distress and handicap as say, a migraine. For the working population it is difficult to get a day off for headache. While it gives immediate relief, taking Un-Prescribed drugs frequently has its pitfalls. The danger also lies in the fact that popping the pill too frequently might make you resistant to it and after sometime it stops working.

Lot of theories goes around regarding the reasons of headache. Some of them are:

• Poor diet
• Stress and anxiety
• Lack of sleep
• Poor posture
• Not drinking enough water
• Depression
• Eyestrain
• Excessive caffeine consumption
• Artificial sweeteners
• Consuming something that one is allergic to Etc.

HERBAL FUNDA: Soak 5 almonds overnight and eat them in the morning. Only after 2-3 weeks of regularly eating almonds, Your Headaches began to subside. They become less severe and less frequent.

Following are some important facts about almond’s pain relieving qualities:

• Almonds contain a natural pain-killing agent called SALICIN. This agent is also contained in over the counter pain killers like ASPIRIN.
• Almonds offer other health benefits such as the ability to lower blood cholesterol levels and to regulate blood pressure.
• Almonds contain high level of magnesium, that helps in muscle relaxation and minimizing nerve excitability therefore, it helps to reduce headaches due to stress and anxiety.

Almond is used as a pain reliever in traditional medicines because of these qualities. They can be eaten in any way. They can be soaked overnight, or just popped during meals, or munched as a between meals heath snack. 10-12 almonds should be eaten daily for relieving and preventing headaches. Apart from this some life style changes like good sleep, healthy diet, regular exercise, and drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day are important for a healthy and fulfilling life.


Jokes make us Laugh or Groan, it lightens our mood. And if you had been in pain, many scientists agree, it would have eased the hurt-at least temporarily.

A fresh take on an old idea: The notion that laughter is good for the body has been around for thousands of years. 17th century English physician Dr. Thomas Sydenham remarked, "The arrival of a good clown exercises more beneficial influence upon the health of a town than of twenty asses laden with drugs." Or as Groucho Marx put it, "A clown is like aspirin, only he works twice as fast."

The value of laughter in helping to relieve pain began to attract significant attention in the 1980s when Dr. Norman Cousins in his book Anatomy of an Illness described how watching Comedy Movies and reading Humorous Books and Articles helped him recover from a life-threatening Tissue Disease. Cousins made it a point to enjoy a Hearty Belly Laugh several times a day. He claimed that a few minutes of laughter gave him an hour or more of pain-free sleep. As a result, many pain centers around the World began to use Humor Therapy to reduce the level of pain medication needed by patients.

How does laughter reduce pain?

Clinical staff consistently note that the primary benefit of Humor Therapy is that it serves as a Diversionary Tactic-that is, it takes a patient's mind off the pain.

Laughter helps relieve pain as it triggers the release of Endorphins, the chemicals in the brain that can make us feel good.

Natural healing

Dr. Franz Ingelfinger noted that 85% of all human illnesses are curable by the body's own healing system. Building a positive focus in your life-which includes a regular dose of laughter-can play a key role in supporting the body's ability to do just that. Laughing, in fact, has been shown to increase the body's natural killer cells and T-cells, which are types of cells that attack foreign material in our bodies. Laughter also keeps away negative emotions such as anxiety and depression, which tend to weaken the Immune System.

Why are they called "Hemorrhoids". They should be called "Asteroids"? Research on stress-related hormones and humor has shown that laughter reduces at least four of the hormones associated with the stress response, including Epinephrine, Cortisol, Dopac, and Growth Hormone. Some studies have indicated that laughter improves lung capacity and with improved lung capacity come improved oxygen levels in the blood, thereby alleviating Ischemic Pain or pain due to lack of oxygen-rich blood.

According to Dr. William Fry from Stanford University, one minute of laughter is equal to 10 minutes on the rowing machine. Laughter is a kind of "Internal Jogging" that exercises our heart and reduces blood pressure in the same way as does Standard Aerobic Exercise. This kind of laughter exercise is well suited to Sedentary People and those who are confined to a bed or wheelchair.

And here's a final fascinating fact: Researchers at St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center in Minnesota say that tears of laughter remove toxic substances that normally build up during periods of emotional stress.

Life will always be full of challenges but we should always be driven to seek those thing that give us Joy and Piece, so if a joke can give you 30 seconds of joy, read a joke and keep smiling.


Every part of this fascinating tree has been used, from ancient to modern times, to treat hundreds of different diseases and for many other purposes. It probably has far wider array of uses than any other herb on the planet.  Neem (Azadirachta indica, syn. Melia azadirachta L., Antelaea azadirachta (L.) Adelb.) is a tree commonly found in India and some other neighbouring tropical countries and in Africa. It is said that the temperature under a Neem tree is always two or three degrees cooler than in any other shade. In local tradition, Neem trees are planted near the home to ensure good health to those that live there and it is considered that easy access to the tree would facilitate provision of the many and varied uses of the fruits, seeds, leaves, bark, oil and roots.

Since ancient times, it has been used for medicinal and health purposes. It has been called a wonder drug and its use dates as far back as 4500 years. The lifespan of the Neem tree is described to be anywhere between 150 to 300 years.

In India, it is variously known as "Divine Tree", "Life giving tree", "Nature's Drugstore", "Village Pharmacy" and "Panacea for all diseases". It is one of the major components in Ayurvedic medicine, which has been practiced in India since many centuries. In Indian religion and mythology, it is considered as a "divine tree" and is deeply imbued with spiritual meaning. Its curative properties were attributed to the fact that a few drops of heavenly nectar fell upon it. The Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira, dated about 6th century AD, contains a chapter of verses on plant medicines, where it recommends that the Neem tree be planted near dwellings.

In the late 1950s, scientists began to systematically research this tree. They discovered and confirmed numerous natural medicinal and repellent properties useful to humans and animals. All parts of the tree have been studied extensively in Neem research. Today, Neem has reached western shores and can be found in supplements, medicines, body care products, cosmetics, repellants, and pesticides.

Let’s see what is it that makes it so wonderful. Here's some info on its properties and usage:


  • Neem is strongly antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.
  • Neem's bitter principles was also said to counteract the excess sugar in the blood.
  • The potential of Neem tree is so great as to encompass the treatment of a white spectrum of physical ailments including sexually transmitted disease, blood disorders, chronic ulcers, digestive and nervous disorders, diseases caused by parasites such as malaria and diabetes.
  • More commonly, it is considered effective in skin infection, rashes & pimples, and is a blood purifier.
  • It is also Anti obesity, Anti diabetic, Anti viral and Immunity booster.


  • an insecticide, insect repellent, oral dentifrice, and in traditional medicine to treat malaria, diabetes, worms, and cardiovascular and skin diseases.
  • It reportedly has contraceptive, anti-ulcer, and fungicidal potential.

One can hardly dispute the Sanskrit tag given to Neem for its properties - Sarva Roga Nivarini - the curer of all ailments.



  • FRESH & SOFT SKIN: Add Honey, Lemon and a pinch of Turmeric to lukewarm water and drink on empty stomach instead of Bed Tea.  Use the same liquid to massage your face and just wash with lukewarm water.
  • BLOOD PURIFICATION & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: On an Empty Stomach make a habit to drink 2 TSP of Honey with warm water and a ½ TSP of Lemon Juice and avoid Milk Tea.
  • DISC PROLAPSE: Patients suffering from Disc Prolapse in Lower Back or Neck are advised not to do Exercises in Early Morning, instead take the same after an hour or so once you are off the bed.
  • SLICE VEGETABLES into big pieces to check the loss of Vitamins and Minerals.
  • DRINK GREEN or HERBAL TEA without milk and sugar. Avoid Dudh-Patti and Milk Coffee.
  • Drink Basil Water everyday- it helps in keeping throat infection and cough at bay.
  • Drink a glass of water with a piece of Jaggery dissolved in it to check Acidity after meal.
  • Chewing raw Guava Leaves is an excellent quick fix for Diarrhea.
  • A teaspoon full of powdered Pomegranate skin taken with water every morning will not just purify the Blood but also will serve as a good De-Worming Agent.
  • A glass of Juice of Carrot and Tomato, mixed with tablespoon honey is good for Mind & Body for our growing Children.
  • For Fever and Cough in Children, just try Honey mixed with Water.
  • Want to have Fair Baby, Mothers should drink Saffron added to Milk during Pregnancy.
  • For minor rashes on skin or cramps, add few Basil Leaves in your bathing water 10-15 minutes before you bathe.
  • Toothache? - Take 2 Basil Leaves, a grain of salt and a pinch of pepper powder and press against the affected tooth.
  • Toothache? – Put fried (dry) clove in the effected area.
  • For nagging Cough and Chest Congestion, boil 3 Cups of water with 2 fresh Betel Leaves and 4 crushed peppercorns, till the water is reduced to half. Strain and drink every morning and at bed with a teaspoon of Honey.
  • Stop Nose Bleeding by just putting a few drops of Pomegranate juice into your nostrils.
  • To check your bad breath, drink atleast 5 glasses of water in the morning.
  • Suffering from Cold? – try Lemon juice with Honey 2 times a day.
  • Stomach Pain? – just chew some cumin and sugar for instant relief.
  • Suffering from Urinary Infection? – Drink a glassful of water with a pinch of Cardamom Powder on an empty stomach everyday.
  • Whooping Cough? – Drink a mixture of equal quantity of Basil juice, Honey and Ajwain juice on an empty stomach.
  • Dry Cough? – Drink a mixture of Mustard Paste and Honey twice a day.
  • Cough & Cold? – Just have dried Ginger and Cumin with Sugar for quick relief.
  • Cough, Cold & Fever? – Boil the leaf of Malabar Nut, squeeze its juice and add an egg white and have it.
  • Menstrual Pain? – Have Gooseberry daily to get relief.
  • Menstrual Disorder? – Have a mixture of Ginger Oil and Egg for 3 days.
  • Eat 5 Basil leaves everyday to avoid diseases like Hepatitis and Typhoid.

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