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Stress It's an unavoidable fact of life at the office, and it can also play a role by causing your muscles to tense up, which makes you more prone to injury. Stress also lowers your tolerance for pain. In some cases, minimizing stress on the job can be a daunting task, but deep-breathing exercises, walking around the block, or even talking about your frustrations with a trusted friend can help. In closing, I want to leave you with this message: Even though the workplace can be a hazard to your health, if you do find yourself having back pain, remember that your thoughts and your beliefs about your situation will have a direct impact on your ability to recover and how fast you recover. That's why it's critical to learn all you can about your condition and take action as soon as you can.

The worlds today has advanced drastically and with it have come its share of Pros & Cons. We seem to be living in a very fast-paced, overworked society. This has lead to many complications in our home and work environments. One of the many complications which has arisen is, people suffering from STRESS.

Our highly mechanized lives, which are inundated with fancy gadgets and machines haven't provided us the much wanted relief. The urge to achieve a rich lifestyle has turned us into robots whose sole purpose is to work day in and out.

The Office-Goers worry about the Pressure from their Superiors, work deadlines, Presentations and Targets – all to be done on time – Fast Foods and Packaged Ready-to-Eat Meals have replaced Healthy Specialty Cuisines. We seem to be in a frenzied rush to achieve our Targets and work, meanwhile stopping to load ourselves with Junk and High-calorie Dhaba / Roadside unhygienic Food to keep us going.

In nut-shell, it seems as if the whole world is in a Mad Rush to achieve things and get right over there on the Top.  BUT THE ONLY PLACE WE SEEMS TO HAVE LANDED UP IS WITH "STRESS & ITS ADVERSE EFFECTS".

Stress has seeped into our life silently and has turned into a monster eating us in and out. Our meaningless, haphazard lives have become tangled with so much stress that we seem to be breaking under it. Stress has lead to nervous breakdowns, irritation and a numerous number of diseases. One can often see a bloated, highly tense businessman completely stressed out or a student depressed due to the ugly effects of stress at a tender age.


We have forgotten how to be happy, how to smile and enjoy the simplicities of life as our ancestors did. Just follow the simple Tips to Blow off Your Stress and its many Evils:

  • The number one stress buster is to laugh and smile. Letting go off our inhibitions, fears and being light-hearted is a sure shot way to relieve stress. Half of our problems are caused by complicating issues in mind and worrying about them continuously.
  • Taking things with a pinch of salt can do a person a world of good. A humorous joke or a fight avoided amicably can light up one's day.
  • Have you ever visited a Buddhist monastery? It is a hub of silence and in that silence we experience a kind of powerful, energizing vibration penetrating into our hearts. The power of silence can heal many a distorted mind full of tensed, dull thoughts. A quarter of an hour spent in silent-sitting makes you feel as if in a trance and brings peace to one's mind.
  • An innovative technique which has been found to fight stress is "AUTOGENIC TRAINING". It involves a series of techniques which involves sessions daily, that aim at the person practicing some visualization. This helps in the stressed person, to relax and it is performed in specific postures. It has helped in getting rid of stress- induced disorders and conditions like Schizophrenia, glaucoma.
  • One may be surprised to know that Positive Thinking is the best way to be Happy and Tackle Stress simply because a positive mind can divert unhealthy thoughts and see things in a different way. The Green-Eyed Monster called Jealousy induces unwanted rivalry, misery and thus ends up in the person being Unhappy caused by Stress.  
  • Identifying the main problems in our mind can solve most of our Problems. INTROSPECTION can make us discover and root-out the thought that cause Anxiety, Stress and Unhappiness as it helps in identifying our Positive Traits and segregating them from our Negative Traits.
  • Developing a hobby is a wonderful way to unwind and let go simply because is therapeutic in nature. It awakens dormant, happy thoughts and revives one with zestfulness. This helps in keeping the mind occupied pleasantly.
  • A recent survey has declared that exercising the body is a great stress buster. Obesity is another major cause of stress. Yoga is an centuries old, tried and tested exercise to relax and de-stress. The various Postures or Asanas require concentration and are done slowly, which is in actuality a powerful combination. The breathing exercises sharpen the intellect and clear it. Mental obstructions can be overcome by it and increases memory power. Practicing Yoga is a priceless asset and its results are astoundingly good.
  • In critical cases of people affected with stress, a good psychiatrist can do wonders for his patient. Identifying the key to the patient's worries, problems resolve in finishing the stress demon. In cases of clinical depression, anti-depressants are used. These are effective but sometimes a good chat with the psychiatric can unravel the hidden worries, tensions and stress inducers. With few sessions, the patient can master his worries and learn to replace it with happier thoughts and activities. On those bad days, when everything gets under your nerves and become tense, nervous, a bit of music smoothens out all the creases in the mind. Soft melodies, light music, instrumental music makes one forget and transcend to bliss.
  • Overall, there is nothing more menacing than a stressful mind. But to get rid of stress, there are thousands of ways and solutions. The desire to have a good, healthy life in itself is a great initiative to De-Stress. So, don't frown and wrinkle yourself unbecomingly. Instead, Live Life!

Dr. Das Suman Kumar
(President & CEO)
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